čtvrtek 27. února 2014

in progress II

For the next step I choose the topic of senior eldery housing for artists with public galery to show the artwork which was created in the institution. When I made this decision I started to look for the suitable place. 

For the location I found an empty spot in Malá Strana at Klárov. What I appriciate about the area is a combination between very busy public space which can be connected with public part of the institution and very calm spaces of the river bank. Other positive effect of the site is that the volume creates private courtyard. 

Another reason for the site is to bring ordinary peoples lives back to the area which starts to be empty scene for turists.

Moreover Malá Strana is strongly conneced with famous artists from Czech history and many instutions are present in the quarter and also across the river.

For the next step I will search if there are similar institutions around the world and I will also have a look if I can find a place more suitable for an institution like senior eldery home for artists.

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