pátek 21. února 2014

in progress I - searching


a house for ceramics artist – process of searching for material, process of designing, producing ceramics

Edmund de Wall 
source: http://www.edmunddewaal.com/

house for cemetery sculptor

grave Jan Zahradníček: Jan Sokol
source: http://mujweb.cz/verkou/Sterbliche

a house for hermit – meditation in the middle of civilisation

hermit Onufrius, Kuks: Matyáš Bernard Braun
source: http://credo-exhibition.blogspot.cz/

music/painting therapy centre for people with mental diseases, opened also for public

student work Stephan Rust

rehearsing centre for children with poor family cultural support

reference from Z. Kučerová, Carrilho de Graca: music school
source : designyoutrust.com

senior centre for elderly artists

 Aires Matheus e associados: Eldery home Alcácer do Sol
source: http://www.arcspace.com/features/aires-mateus-e-associados

creative kindergarten – preschool education with assistance of artists

Tezuka: Fuji kindergarden
source: http://greenz.jp/2011/08/12/treehouse_kindergarden/


net of art supporting institutions and buildings communicating simultaneously together
... visually, mentally


former industrial areas ... Bubny, Žižkov train station, Kolbenova ...probably too huge

city centre support of existing institution
site on Národní třída – connection with theartes
Palachovo náměstí – connection with Rudolfínum, všup, umprum
Na Perštýně
small site in Žižkov quarter
cemetery Olšany


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